RANDEK gutters complement our roofing and cladding, giving any building an aesthetic appearance. The hi-tensile material used for gutters can withstand the weight of water to be held by the gutter without marring its shape and form. Hi-tensile gutters also facilitate alignment and a neat finish in fixing, in comparison to gutters made from commercial quality colourbonded zinc-aluminium material.

`RANDEK’ gutters are available in eight standard designs as depicted below. We also accept special orders for customized designs.

gutter1 gutter1Frame gutter2 gutter2Frame
gutter3 gutter3Frame gutter4 gutter4Frame
gutter5 gutter5Frame gutter6 gutter6Frame
gutter7 gutter7Frame gutter8 gutter8Frame

Product specifications

Tensile strength: G550
Coating mass: AZ 150
Recommended total coated thickness: 0.47 mm and 0.40 mm
Colour range: Colourbonded steel
Gutter designs: As per the eight gutter designs above.
Girths: Available in 305mm (12”), 457mm (18”), 610mm (24”) and 914mm (36”)
Standard length: 10 Ft. We can provide upto 6 meter lengths for customized orders