RANDEK wall cladding are available in three profiles in Non-colour and Colourbonded steel.

The length, width, lightweight and economy features of `RANDEK’ cladding facilitates fixing same with ease and speed.

RANDEK cladding is available in customized lengths.


Product specifications

Feeding width: 914 mm / 940mm
Effective cover width (EW): 750 mm
Rib height: 15 mm (Nominal sheet depth)
Tensile strength: G550 and G350
Coating class: AZ 150
Recommended total coated thickness: 0.47 mm, 0.40 mm and 0.35 mm in G550 (Hi-tensile), G350 (soft)
Colour range: Non- colour and Colourbonded steel
Recommended screw specification: 20 mm delta coated screw

Profile diagram Specifications summary `RANDEK’ wall cladding (in mm)


Fasteners / screws complementing cladding

The fasteners/roofing screws should have similar life expectancy to that of the cladding.

We supply a special galvanized delta coated screw with rubber washer for both steel and timber frames.